The method of opening wine

2017-06-02 13:53

The method of opening wine

The opening of the stopper is an elegant and skillful action. The wine should be the first wine to watch, and say the origin of wine and the year, the display surface should make the guests intuitive to see the wine label. The most commonly used bottle opening tool is a screwdriver with a wooden handle, a lever opener and a butterfly bottle opener. Open the bottle when the first with a knife from the mouth of the bulge will be cut off, remove the upper part. Then the center of the screw will slowly screw into the cork, and then fasten the bottle, and then gently pull the handle slowly pull the cork out; when the cork quickly out of the bottle, the bottle should be light Light pull out, so that will not issue a big sound - the whole bottle should be kept as quiet as possible during the process. Open the cork to remove the cork, let the guests see if the cork is wet, if the wet is that the bottle of wine with a more reasonable way to save, otherwise, the bottle of wine is likely to be improper and deteriorated. Guests can also smell the cork with or without smell, or try to drink, to further confirm the quality of wine. In the correct, can be formally pour wine.

In order to make the smell of wine when drinking more mellow, taste more supple, you can pre-open the bottle to breathe, breathe for a while. Its function is to let the wine slightly oxidized, and air contact to release its flavor. Red wine breathing time should not be more than 3 hours, and many years of Chen wine, it is best to open the bottle when drinking, in order to avoid the early opening of the bottle to make the unique fragrance scattered.

Pouring wine should first start from the right side of the guests to pour wine, pay attention to women, the elderly priority. When pouring wine, let each guest see the wine label. The glass is always on the right side of the guest, so the pour is also from the guest right. The correct method is to pour the red wine into the cup about 1/3, on the one hand to achieve the effect of sobering, on the other hand in the wine when the wine to avoid the embarrassment of alcohol overflow.




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