How to bid farewell to the "low food age"

2017-06-02 13:54

How to bid farewell to the "low food age"

The state announced a series of grain purchase policy, corn, soybeans, etc. into the scope of the acquisition, a substantial increase in the 2009 minimum purchase price of food.

Temporary storage of rice prices, both higher than the first half of the country announced the minimum purchase price of grain varieties, but also slightly higher than the current market food prices, and some varieties or the initial public announcement of the acquisition of the stock market, the city's intention is quite obvious. Early rice acquisition staged this round of grain bull "last crazy", the purchase price reached 100 yuan / 100 pounds of the historical highs. But then the acquisition of the late rice is the opposite, the parties cautious into the market, the price sluggish. Jiangxi in some places in the late rice purchase price is still lower than the previous purchase price of early rice, there is a rare early rice prices "upside down." At the same time, soybeans, wheat, corn, etc. have also entered the downstream channel, "selling grain", "Valley cheap farmer" touch. China has raised a positive response after raising its protection price. Dalian Commodity Exchange soybean, corn and other futures prices rose across the board, in some areas the market price of soybeans has exceeded the national protection price.

South Grain Market Vice President Xiong Lianghua that the country decided to implement temporary purchasing and storage, to improve the minimum purchase price of grain, you can serve multiple purposes: first, to curb the current decline in the momentum of food prices to prevent farmers "selling grain"; secondly, The temporary purchase price will be announced in the Chinese market, a grain at the end of the stage, to enhance the price of Chinese food at the bottom of the Chinese grain will bid farewell to the "low price era"; third, food price regulation is given to expand the domestic demand new functions, Can increase the income of farmers, thereby expanding the sluggish rural consumption.




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